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  • You've heard the phrase "You Got Mail" but have you heard You Got Money?

    If you received a text, email, voicemail, or letter from us then our licensed private investigation agency has identified funds that you've forgotten or unaware of funds from an insurance policy, pension, etc.  Click on Money Recovery Initiative Notification Button below to schedule a phone interview with our money recovery specialist to learn more.  Please note all phone interview will be conducted after you submit the Money Recovery Initiative Notification Form.
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  • Have Your Mortgage Become A Financial Hardship?

    Save your home!

    Avoid Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Short Sales!

    They can help but will have a negative impact on your credit report.


    You've paid your mortgage during the listing agreement's time frame but now the agreement has expired and you're still paying your mortgage because your home didn't sell.

    Contact a resolution advocate to ask about a mortgage payment relief service until your home sell.
  • You want to market to a larger audience but
    your marketing funds is limited.
  • Property Tax Auction Problems

    Get tax lien help before the tax sale auction or during the redemption period.
  •                   Problems

    Get relief from property abatement liens or special assessment liens before they becomes to big of a problem for you.
  • Have Other Liens Problems?

    Has the government, business or person attached other types of liens to your property?

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Homeowners, What's Your Real Estate Issues?

Save Your Home

Speak to an advocate before:

. Getting behind on another payment

. Accepting a short sale or file bankruptcy

Failed MLS Listing

Speak to an advocate before:

. Relisting your house with the former agent

. Listing your house with a new agent

For Sale By Owner

Speak to an advocate to:

. Boost your marketing for free

. Pay no commission or fees

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Property Lien Problems

Homeowners, We Can Help Resolve Your Real Estate Issues.

Unpaid Property Tax

Speak to an advocate for:
. Tax lien help before the tax sale auction
. Tax redemption help after the tax sale

Property Nuisance Liens

Speak to an advocate for:
. Abatement lien relief help
. Special assessment lien relief help

Other Property Liens

Speak to an advocate for:
. Judgment's lien relief help
. Mechanic's lien relief help
. Materials lien relief help
. Income tax lien relief help
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